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  1. PLATFORMA - European platform of local and regional authorities for development
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UNDP in Georgia. Full project information. Fostering Regional and Local Development in Georgia Assistance to the Government of Georgia in the implementation of a systemic reform of regional and local governance. Summary UNDP, with funds from the Swiss and Austrian governments, is assisting Georgia to implement a systemic reform of local and regional governance, increase citizen engagement in decision-making and create an enabling environment for the local economic growth.

Project document. Activities UNDP assists Georgia in building strong and competent local self-governance institutions that will act as catalysts in stimulating regional and local economies and foster the inclusion of people into policy-making for the benefit of all citizens, including women, men, youth, displaced and minority groups. Contents - Previous document. Book Reviews. Book review of: Hanson KT. Bibliographical reference Hanson KT. Full text PDF Send by e-mail.

PLATFORMA - European platform of local and regional authorities for development

Full size image. Border Markets: An Introduction [Full text]. The production of places in the globalized world [Full text]. The changing forms and nature of borders [Full text]. Book review of: Gabriel Popescu. Copyright Creative Commons 3. Top of page. Toronto Food Strategy project is an initiative to show how cities can help build a healthy and sustainable food system for the 21st century.

Other Research Information Sources. They specialize in devising new tools communities can use to create a more sustainable future, and offer several resources focused on local foods. Crossroads President, Ken Meter, is a recognized food system analyst whose work integrates market analysis, business development, systems thinking, and social concerns. New York State Business Development Programs Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development NERCRD -Dedicated to providing research-based information that helps create regional prosperity through entrepreneurial and cluster-based innovation, while assuring balanced uses of natural resources in livable communities in the northeastern United States.

RUPRI Rural Policy Research Institute is committed to promoting innovative, collaborative, and systems-based approaches to rural issues that engage decision-makers and rural people at local, regional, state, national, and international levels. Activities supporting economic development include: Center for Rural Entrepreneurship providing rural communities with resources for implementing entrepreneurship as a core economic development strategy.

The Center applies practice-driven research, development tools, and consultation services in participation with many partners — rural communities, development practitioners, researchers, and policymakers.

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Wallace Center at Winrock International supports entrepreneurs and communities as they build a new, 21st century food system that is healthier for people, the environment, and the economy. Wealth Creation in Rural Communities offers useful approaches for improving rural livelihoods with a systems approach to development that creates multiple forms of wealth owned and controlled locally.

They: Use an asset building approach , seeking ways to tap into and build on existing community resources.

Engage community members to help set priorities, conduct research, and develop recommendations. Have an action orientation and include recommendations for changes ; many also include specific action plans and organizing efforts to help implement these changes. These resources offer an introduction to application of systems approaches to food systems and related project development: The Family and Community Food Decision-Making Toolbox offers Community Food System CFS tool as a mapping exercise that helps participants to understand what constitutes a food system and how their agency fits into the current system.

It also encourages participants to take an active role in improving their food system and building effective food system partnerships. CFSC document Whole Measures for Community Food Systems is a values-based, community-oriented tool for evaluation, planning, and dialogue geared toward organizational and community change. Whole Measures CFS invites organizations to build on the reporting of outputs and outcomes and to highlight and measure the multitude of interconnected indicators that define a healthy, whole community.

Learn how to use a systems approach and transdisciplinary teams to meet challenges faced by producers and consumers. Includes presentations on stakeholder engagement, systems thinking, and project evaluation. Upcoming USDA workshops listed here. Supports a vision for the local-food system that would strengthen the local economy, ensure availability of fresh, safe, healthful, locally produced food, reduce food miles and preserve farmland.

Link to archive. Good list of resources here.

5 Conceptual Basis for Regional Development Theories (Examrace - Dr. Manishika)

Links to archive. Data Sources section in this guide provide an extensive list of possible sources to draw from in conducting assessments. The proposals focus on combating hunger and obesity to preserving regional farming and local food manufacturing to decreasing waste and energy usage. Greater Philadelphia Food System Plan - identifies shared values and goals, develops a set of indicators measuring key aspects of the food system, providing 52 recommendations for a more robust, sustainable, secure, and equitable food system.


A summary is available here. Healthier Food Retail: Beginning the Assessment Process in Your State or Community - Strategies and Solutions document from CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity providing guidance for assessing retail food environments to better understand the current landscape and differences in accessibility to healthier foods.

Interactive Google Map of Food System Assessments with links to respective pages and resources International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty is an international network that brings together several organizations representing farmers, fisherfolks and small and medium scale farmers, agricultural workers and indigenous peoples, as well as NGOs, providing a common room for mobilization that holds together local struggles and global debate. In each report, the county's food system is analyzed and the most significant trends identified. The food system is described from three angles: agricultural production, distribution, and consumption.

Within each section three questions are posed: 1 What are the trends? Food Policy Councils An increasing number of communities, regions and states are forming "Food Policy Councils" to collaboratively evaluate and improve their food system. According to the now defunct North American Food Policy Council : "Food Policy Councils FPCs bring stakeholders from diverse food-related sectors to examine how the food system is operating and to develop recommendations on how to improve it. His website archives a number of essential documents related to food policy councils and local food system networks.

New York State Council on Food Policy brings the public, producers and government together to explore ways in which we can improve our existing food production and delivery systems, expand capacity and ensure the availability of safe, fresh, nutritious and affordable food for all New Yorkers. NYS CFP develops and makes recommendations to the Governor on state regulations, legislation and budget proposals in the area of food policy.

Local and Regional Economic Development | LGNSW

Food Hubs While CSA s, farmers markets and farm stands have provided a jump start to the local food movement, many including farmers are recognizing the need for infrastructure that better supports the longterm needs and interests of communities and food systems stakeholders, and enables regional scaling. Food Commons 2.

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Resource Guide for Food Hubs offers a collection of information, resources and background on everything needed to develop or participate in a regional food hub, for producers, buyers, consumers, researchers, academics, or policy makers. Agricultural Development Assistance Mapping ADAM tool is a FAO developed platform that gathers information from diverse databases about agricultural development needs, objectives, in-country activities, and funding modalities, and aggregates the data to generate customizable maps, matrices and charts.